What’s MKT1? Who’s MKT1? Why MKT1?

MKT1 is Emily Kramer and Kathleen Estreich. We help early & growth SaaS startups build marketing functions through MKT1 Capital and MKT1 Advisory. It’s pronounced Market 1, we think.

We do five things:

  1. Invest in startups and help them with marketing

  2. Advise founders on marketing strategy

  3. Mentor marketer leaders one-on-one

  4. Intro marketing candidates to startups

  5. Write about 1-4

We’ve worked at some fast-growing SaaS companies (Asana, Box, Intercom, Carta, etc.) over the last 15 years, building marketing and operations teams. We’ve now worked with 50+ seed-Series C startups through MKT1. We love helping marketers and founders become better marketers, and that’s what this newsletter is all about.


Emily Kramer of MKT1
As Co-Founder of MKT1 and MKT1 Capital, Emily helps startups build effective B2B marketing functions by investing, advising, writing, and teaching courses. Previously, Emily built and led marketing teams at Asana and Carta.