We've built a handful of marketing teams, and while no two teams look the same, we've evolved this framework org chart for founders and Heads of Marketing.
How to create high-impact content that solves actual problems for your audience
Free featured job post on MKT1 Job Board - Paid Subscribers OnlyFor a free featured post on our job board for B2B marketing roles, use the code “SUBSTACK” on our MKT1 Job Board.
SDRs should not be the default way to ramp up your GTM. They are part of a bigger GTM system, they aren’t THE system. If you have too many SDRs and not…
Salary & equity benchmarks for Seed & Series A marketing roles, plus how to evaluate your equity offer.
A simple framework for getting the mix of marketing activities correct, the right set of people on your marketing team, and high impact work out the…
Hint: If you're just setting revenue or MQL goals, you're doing it wrong. Creating goals, communicating about them broadly, and checking in on them…
I evolved this framework while leading marketing at Asana and we continue to use it with startups we advise. GACC stands for goals, audience…
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